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Get InTeLyze® now to take advantage of its tutorial, educational and informative features and add a competitive edge to your investment. Learn all about technical analysis and how to interpret the movements in the market.

Top Reasons to Choose InTeLyze®

The Best Interactive Technical Analysis Course
InTeLyze® is the most advanced and complete education and tutorial in the world. No other product in the subject comes even close to what InTeLyze® offers. InTeLyze® simply has no competition.
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Complete Control
InTeLyze® provides you with tools to completely control and manage what you want to learn at any time.

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Time Effective
Using InTeLyze® will save you a huge amount of time. You have the possibility to tailor the education to your time and preferences. You will also learn more than 500% faster than with any other educational alternative, and can receive a greater amount of information during a shorter time frame.

You need to pay $2000-$3000 for books to cover the material InTeLyze® contains. Seminars and traditional educations are even more expensive and cover a much smaller area.

Self-paced and Accessible
With InTeLyze® you tailor the education and the information flow to your pace and not vice versa. You have unlimited and infinite access to the material and information covered in InTeLyze® and your interactive teacher. In addition to all these features, you can save your course at any time. Later on you can resume your course where you left off.

Tailor all aspects of your learning process at any time and in accordance with your needs and expectations. Review the topics as many times as you want and skip through the information as it suits you.

User Friendly
This phenomenal software is easy to use. The interactivity in InTeLyze® also covers the instructional manual. The only thing you need to know is how to insert a CD in your PC/Laptop. The rest is just a "mouse click" away.

The interactivity creates the ideal environment for you to be active during the whole process and keep a high level of concentration. By answering well thought-out exercises and tests you not only practice at the same time you are learning, but also evaluate your knowledge in any particular section until you are sure that you have mastered the topic.

A picture speaks a thousand words
The illustrative content of InTeLyze® has been empowered with flawless animations and a pleasant narrative that explains and guides you through the course. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then InTeLyze® is the encyclopedia of Technical Analysis.

What's New in
InTeLyze 2

  • Calculations added for the Momentum Indicator and Typical Price
  • A chapter “Momentum indicator in general” has been added before The Momentum Indicator.
  • A chapter for Pivot Points has been added in the Section “Pattern I”.
  • Chapter for trend has been completed with Pivot Points and Usage of Zig zag lines to confirm the Pivots.
  • A new section for Line Studies has been added. This section contains Quadrant Lines, Percent Retracement and Andrew’s Pitchfork.
  • A new chapter for Pivot Point Strategy has been added in the section “Trading Systems”.
  • The Breakout Strategy has been completed with bullish and bearish breakouts.
  • The Overbought/Oversold Strategy has been completed with more examples.
  • The Software Platform has been updated to a new and more robust version.
  • An “Auto run” function has been added to the CD.






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